As a retired teacher, Mrs. Stowe understands the needs of students. It is has been my experience as Madison County Principal of 14 years that Mrs. Stowe’s successful leadership stems from a strong partnership with parents, community members, educators, and students. Without a doubt, her leadership has proven successful. She is simply the best.

Donna K. Goode, Ed.D.
Retired Owens Cross Roads Elementary Principal

Mary Louise is a consummate professional whom I've had the honor to work with as a parent and booster club member on projects supporting Madison County schools. She genuinely cares about Education and has the highest level of personal and professional integrity. Her service to the community and the Madison County School Board has been outstanding.

Bill Smart
MCHS Supporter

Mary Louise Stowe believes that for a child to gain the most of an educational opportunity, educators must meet all of their basic needs on a continuous basis. She acts on this belief through her active and vital roles in the District 3 communities that she represents and serves. For the twenty-seven years that I've known Mary Louise, she has lived by the philosophy of offering opportunities that teach responsibility, which in turn empowers those individuals.

She makes good decisions for students' needs in her communities because she KNOWS those children! Tutoring, coordinating, mentoring, advising, and transporting are only a few ways that she makes a difference in the lives of others. Mary Louise is a lifeline who models the value of education in everything she does by simply being who she is!

Betsy Browder Koger
Retired Madison County Elementary Counselor

I am delighted to write a recommendation for Mary Louise Stowe to continue her work as the District 3 Representative for the Madison County Board of Education. I first came to know Mrs. Stowe as my 4th grade teacher. Mrs. Stowe’s approach to helping her students learn was different than I had experienced or have experienced since; different, but very effective. You see, Mrs. Stowe enjoys singing, so many of our lessons were to the tunes of favorite songs. Many years later, I can still remember several of her lessons and the tunes to which she used to teach them. Later in life, I was able to serve alongside Mrs. Stowe as a volunteer coordinator for a local tutoring ministry.

Mrs. Stowe has served our community well as the District 3 Representative for the Madison County Board of Education. As a parent of two children who attend schools within the district which Mrs. Stowe represents, there have been many times I have called upon her with questions and issues. She has always been quick to respond! She is involved with and frequently visits the schools which she represents. She attends sporting events, afterschool program events, festivals, and much more because she enjoys being in the schools and seeing our children do well!

The experience and knowledge Mrs. Stowe has gained as a parent, teacher, volunteer, and board representative is an invaluable resource to the District 3 School Zone and we are blessed to have her working so hard for our children!


Andrea Bridges
District 3Community Member

Mary Louise Stowe's Mission

To work hand in hand with the District 3 communities to provide the best education possible for all students.